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 Xact Tool, Inc. has extensive experience in jigs/fixtures including:

     4 cavity santoprene

    •      Robotic Welding Fixtures
  •      Inspection Fixtures
  •      Sawing Fixtures
  •      Assembly Fixtures
  •      Leak Test Fixtures



Extensive pneumatic fixtures and manual fixtures are all designed in SolidWorks 2005. XTI’s versatile manufacturing process and staffing allows a 30 fixture program package to be produced as quickly as a 4 fixture single assembly package.


Our in-house welding department supports final assembly QA and provides samples quickly to customer for prototyping and review requirements.


XTI assumes a proactive approach to designing fixture packages that reduce and smooth cycle times across available welding/working stations to create the highest levels of through-put and eliminate bottlenecks in production.




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